HARRIS, Jeffrey, 1949-
Compressed charcoal on 320gsm Stonehenge paper
445 x 480mm

The Artist

Jeffrey Harris was born 1949 and raised in Akaroa. His art was a form of self-discovery which led him to develop a distinctly unique painterly style. He has recieved numerous accolades including the paramount prize in the James Wallace Art Awards 2003. Harris' works are instantly recognisable for its figurative nature coupled with his highly symbolic complexities of human interaction and religious references. His work often revolves around the fragility of the family dynamic and the compositional morphing which corresponds with the fragmentation of family life and values. Harris has a keen interest in Durer's work believing it is "charged with meaning…In my paintings I try to imbue all the objects that surround the central characters with as much significance as that. If you look at any of my pictures you should learn a lot more about what’s happening in the centre of visual attention by looking at what’s happening around it. My 1970 Self-Portrait is based on Dürer’s self portrait of Christ. I’ve tried to integrate European art with my experience here in New Zealand.” A few key concepts portrayed throughout Harris's work is isolation, human suffering, sacrifice, inner emotion and tragic fragility. His religious symbolism marks the key Renaissance period in which many religious traditions were applied.

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