Borrowing from the Collection

Keen on borrowing something from the collection?

Art works can be borrowed by University departments, and by other institutions

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Borrowing for

University Departments

The primary aims of the Art Collection are:

  • to support the learning, teaching and research objectives of the University
  • to exhibit and curate the Art Collection
  • to develop awareness and understanding of visual arts practice in Aotearoa
  • to enhance the public spaces of the University

Art works are available for display in approved areas around the university. Security and protection from environmental damage are a consideration in deciding placements, as is accessibility for viewing and tours.

The collection is a distributed one, and is not able to be frequently moved, so long term homes are preferred.

View detailed guidelines for borrowing and maintenance on the intranet

Other Institutions

Other institutions may request to borrow works for appropriate purposes, such as teaching or exhibition. Loans are at the discretion of the Director of Te Tumu Herenga | Libraries and Learning Services.

When artworks are loaned to institutions outside the University for exhibition, the University of Auckland Art Collection Loan Agreement terms and conditions must be agreed to by the borrowing institute and signed by an authority with the ability to accept the loan terms and conditions.

In certain circumstances, the Art Collection team may display works from other public or private collections, such as touring exhibitions or long-term loans. In such circumstances, the Art Collection team will ensure there are loan agreements in place and works are appropriately insured.