Borrowing from the Collection

Keen on borrowing something from the collection?

Art works can be borrowed by University staff, and by other institutions

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About Borrowing for

University Staff

Art works are available for display in approved areas around the university. Security and protection from environmental damage are a consideration in deciding placements so please send an email to to see if you have a suitable position for an art work.

The collection is a distributed one, and is not able to be frequently moved, so permanent homes are preferred.

Other Institutions

Borrowing by other institutions is encouraged.

In the last year, 15 works have been loaned to the Auckland Art Gallery for Five Maori Painters, to Pataka: Porirua's Museum of Art and Cultures for Peter Madden's Coming from all the places you have never been, to City Gallery for Yvonne Todd's Creamy Psychology, and to Whangarei Art Museum for the exhibition Back to Black: Viewing the Landscape of Unease in Aotearoa.

So if you'd like to ask about borrowing art work Contact Us